Information for the traveler


To enter the islands of Cape Verde archipelago it is necessary a valid passport and the tourist visa, issued by embassies and consulates of Cape Verde.

Tourist visa:

You can request a visa from the relevant embassies or consulates. It is also possible to buy it at the border, at € 50.


Vaccinations are not required. Emergency medicines are recommended, as well as the frequently used specific drugs and solar creams with high protection.


Tropical dry climate, with an average temperature of 26 °C and characterized by a short period of the rains, from September to October; the sea temperature oscillates between 20 °C and 25 °C.


The official language is Portuguese, the default language is Cape Verdean Creole, which differs from island to island.


The local currency is Cape Verde escudo, equivalent to approximately € 0.009.

Time zone:

The time zone of the entire Cape Verde archipelago is -1 hour in relation to Greenwich time.


Light clothing in every season. We recommend to use warmer clothes during the evening and for hiking.

Handicraft and souvenirs:

Cape Verde music CDs, terracotta, wood, coconut objects, batik fabrics and food products like São Nicolau tuna, and Grogue, the typical brandy made from sugar cane.


For transfers within the island it is possible to use aluguer, minibuses, collective taxis.

Telephony service:

To call the United States you will need to prefix all numbers with the country code 001. To call the United Kingdom you will need to prefix all numbers with the country code 0044. Check the roaming conditions with your telephone operator.


There are eight airports, four of these are international airports (Sal, Praia, Boa Vista and S. Vicente); the island are connected by internal flights operated by Cabo Verde Airlines.


São Nicolau airport is located in Preguiça area, not far from Ribeira Brava and around 30 km away from Tarrafal. It is possible to find daily domestic flights. By sea, the island is connected with São Vicente, Boa Vista and Sal.

Connection sto Europe:

Flights to Europe are operated by the following airlines: TACV (Transportes Aereo de Cabo Verde) with five flights per week to Portugal, one flight per week to The Netherlands, Paris, Madrid, Munich; TAP (Transporte Aereo de Portugal), with five flights per week to Portugal; TUI, with flights to and from Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany; and NEOS, with various tour operator charter flights.