Tarrafal, in São Nicolau, is located on the South-West coast of the island, a sea-side town and fishing harbor. Its life is marked by the rhythm of the sea.
When you arrive on the island, you will find an unspoiled location, with no influences by the nature, no noises or tourists, a place characterized by old manners and customs, where the coexistence with São Nicolau people is peaceful and affable, where the time goes slow and everything can wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow…, you can go fishing with local fishermen; the sea is very rich in a variety of quality fishes, and attracts the fishermen anxious to win the trophy. It is possible to catch a variety of fish, including the very big Blue Marlin, tuna, bluefish or other large fishes.
Tarrafal has a beautiful beach of volcanic origin, with black sand rich in titanium and iodine, very valuable to people suffering from arthritis. The therapeutic beaches with black sand, the shallow waters around the island make the sea tempered all year round and allow bathing also during the winter.
The mild marine waters and the richness of the seabed, with a variety of fishes, including octopuses, cuttlefishes, lobsters an morays, are a kind of paradise for underwater fishermen. Tarrafal represents the last Western stopping point for sailboats; they transit before the trade winds blow, and then leave again the port to the Caribbean coasts.